#freezer30: Round 2

I am back for round 2 of #freezer30! This still feels a bit surreal, as I have been wanting to do this for YEARS, but have been way too intimidated and lazy to actually give it a shot. However, after doing this last month, and how significantly it impacted my life, I will never look back. No more useless “what do you feel like for dinner” conversations, no more being trapped in the kitchen on a busy weeknight away from my family, and no more stress.

We are your average modern family, with picky eaters, and doing our best to eat a wholesome diet. So having freezer meals that do not feel like freezer meals are important. These recipes focus on a variety of “normal” everyday meals to keep things interesting, keeping both the kids and adults happy, with even a few hidden vegetable dishes. There are plenty of grill recipes to pick from this time around so the summer spirit is not sacrificed. By no means do you need to follow this exact recipe list, but I hope at least a few sound yummy to you. For even more ideas, check out my recipe list on my first #freezer30 round, or you can check out one of my favorite freezer meal sites, Happy Money Saver (I especially love her tip of freezing olive oil and fresh herbs in an ice cube tray to throw in to veggies for a quick saute and seasoning).

I will be prepping all the meals on Saturday, June 30th so I can have my freezer fully stocked for the month of July. I am not making 30 different meals as many of these meals will yield enough to cover dinner for a few nights, and our weekends generally consist of a mix of eating out or making our favorite meals.

Recipe Ideas:

So there you have it, round 2 of #freezer30! Thank you so much for the interest, and a huge thank you if you decide to join me! I cannot express enough how much this has changed my life. The prep is not as daunting as it seems, and is well worth it. If this still feels like a bit too much, just pick a few dishes, try out for a week, and see how it goes. To make this even easier, please check out my tried and true tips below:

  • Don’t make 1 meal at a time, make 1 ingredient at a time. The prep will go faster, I promise! For example, chop all the onions at once, then throw in to each meal.
  • Always plan on adding a fresh ingredient to each meal on the day you make it, to keep things light, and keep that freezer feel out.
  • Prep side dishes on Sunday nights, so you can have ready to accompany your freezer meal during the week like making the quinoa ad chopping and washing the lettuce.
  • Freeze meals in single night portions, freezer meals don’t make good leftovers, and reheating large amounts of food at once can take long and result in uneven cooking.

Happy cooking and time saving!

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