Mommy Approved Products: Grocery Delivery, Sleep T’zzz, Closet Organizer, & Tampons

With a busy and hectic life, I am always on the hunt for products that will make my life easier, save me time and/or money, and of course bring me joy. I have discovered some I-can’t-believe-I-used-to-live-without-it products along the way that I wanted to share with all of you. I want to preface I have not been paid by any of the companies below, these are real products I use and buy that I wanted to share with fellow busy mamas in hopes it helps you just like they have helped me. I plan to routinely share my favorite mommy, children, organization, and time saving products, so if you have any you recommend, please feel free to share!

Time Saver: Grocery Delivery


It’s not like this service is new or a secret, however I have always been hesitant of the assumed markup and delivery fees, quality of food (I know they will bring us yellow bananas when we like green-ish), and the nagging feeling that I technically don’t need this luxury. However, after a recent vacation, we were not set to be home until 5pm on a Sunday, with no food in the house, and work and school the next morning. We really didn’t want take out, so we decided to finally give this a try, and OMG let me just say…LIFE CHANGING. What about the hesitations I had before? Well check out the breakdown below:


Yes, there are delivery fees and a markup on the items, however if you are a bit strategic, you can essentially eliminate all of this. I have found the markup to be anywhere from 10 cents to $1.50 on each item, which can add up quick. To combat this, I plan our meals around what is on sale for the week which drops the price down even lower than the markup, and with my shift to freezer dinners (check out my last blog post to learn more), we are a little more flexible on what we eat each week, so this part has been pretty easy. As for the delivery fee, I still have yet to pay for one. There are constantly promotions and coupon codes to keep you coming back. I know the day will come where I will need to pay for one (which is $10) however, by not going to the store, I am not impulse buying (guilty!), so I feel like it evens out anyways. Overall, with some strategic shopping, I am paying the same, if not less, than if I went to the store.


I had a few concerns surrounding this: where is my food really coming from, and how will they know to get the perfectly ripe avocado for my taco dinner tonight? There are many grocery delivery options out there ranging from Amazon, to 3rd parties, to many local grocers taking part. For me, I went with our local grocer because I still wanted to support local, and I liked the idea of truly knowing where my food was coming from. They even have a super easy online order form that lets you add notes to each item, which means they know I am planning to eat my avocado the same evening, and I will get bananas in the exact shade of green-yellow that my family prefers. They even have a section where you can provide instructions on what to do if the item you want is out of stock (different brand? cancel?). Amazing!

Do I REALLY Need This?

The answer is yes, yes, and YES. Part of my hesitation of using this service was I felt like I was being totally lazy and trying to justify a luxury I technically did not need. However, what I learned is that life is short, time moves quickly, and it is also the year 2018 where these conveniences are no longer a luxury, and more so the norm. I ordered groceries for delivery this evening even though I had the day off, not because I was lazy, but because instead of racing to the store in the morning to beat the crowds, I watched a movie with my kids, enjoyed hot coffee with my husband, and made us all scrambled eggs. And after a REALLY long week, I did not have to endure a long line or annoying people texting on their phone blocking the pasta aisle. Using this service doesn’t make me lazy, it makes me calmer, happier, and have an extra hour in my pocket each week. I am begging you to try this out, it is a game changer for sure.

Making Fun of Organization: Weekday Kid’s Outfit Closet Organizer

I cannot tell you how many times I have left late for work because getting my kids ready in the morning resulted in some sort of fashion catastrophe like being unable to find the missing sock of the only ones my daughter agreed to wear after a 10 minute meltdown, or realizing all of my baby’s sweaters are dirty and it’s 60 degrees outside. I have tried laying out clothes the night before, but some evenings I was too tired or forgot, and just never stayed consistent. So I invested in a closet organizer with 5 slots so I can plan out the girls’ weekday outfits on Sunday evenings when I am putting away laundry. This has been so incredibly helpful, and an added bonus, my oldest knows the drill and will sometimes even get herself dressed (if only that happened every morning). I bought this organizer, but it is definitely the cheapie, and there are some cuter and nicer ones out there.

Happy Kiddos: Sleep T’zzz by ChuChee B

I grew up in the 90s where it was the right of passage to wear an oversized t-shirt to bed every night, my favorite one was a Looney Tunes one I had. There is something so nostalgic, comfortable, and easy about oversized shirts that many times I have wished I could throw out all my daughter’s faded-after-2-washes Target character 2 piece pajamas. So I was beyond thrilled to find out a small business was on a mission to bring this look back to life with super cute designs and literally the softest fabric I have ever felt. They are called sleep t’zzz (can the name be any cuter?) and you can check them out here. They are all handmade by a mama who is super sweet, passionate, and determined. Added bonus: they are super stretchy, so my daughter can put on and take off by herself, they are ADORABLE, and have made bedtime and morning routines a little bit easier.

Just for Me: Monthly Tampon Subscription by Lola
IMG_1696 (1).JPG
Ok, before you think I am crazy, hear me out. Does a monthly subscription of mailed to you tampons sound a bit crazy? Yes it does. However, while on the search for chemical free and natural tampons (something I have started doing with my health and beauty products one by one), I stumbled upon Lola. For only about $1 more than I was currently paying for tampons, I could get all natural, customizable variety packs that are delivered to my door every month. It has happened more times than I can count where I have ripped apart my bathroom cabinet and emptied out old purses hoping to find one measly tampon because I of course got my period on a Wednesday morning when I am already running 20 minutes late. With a busy and hectic life, having someone remember on my behalf to keep me stocked up at all times (and are free of cancer causing chemicals) sounded like a no brainer to sign up. Also, the best part is this is is a woman owned company with a natural take on all women reproductive products, offering much more than tampons and pads. Check them out here.

Do you have a product you swear by that has made life a little bit easier? Please feel free to share!

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