What Motherhood Means To Me

Motherhood is this crazy insane blend of so many things, many of which contradict one another. It is hard yet easy, frustrating yet blissful, messy yet simple, and chaotic yet steady. Many will say it is the hardest, but best job in the world, and I couldn’t agree more. It is filled with sprinkles of life changing moments that will forever change your perspective, your appreciation, and most importantly, your life.

Yesterday, I was having a very uncharacteristic sad and raw moment, and was openly crying. I want to preface that showing emotion is important, and no one should ever feel the need to hide it, however, this was the type of cry many choose to do alone with their face against the pillow. Except, this time I was doing it in front of my 4 year old daughter. She looked at me deeply, quietly walked to her art table, and a minute later she walked over to me and gently placed a picture of a heart she drew on my lap. She then gave me the brightest smile and warmest hug, without saying a word. It was the purest moment of human kindness I have ever experienced in my life. She had no idea why I was crying, but instinctively knew I needed love.

To me, this sums up motherhood. No matter what challenges life brings, or how sad you may feel, the connection you have with your children, and the magic they bring will always, ALWAYS prevail.


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