Making Fun of Organization

I am feeling so inspired. So inspired by the outpouring of love and support from family, friends, and even strangers over my very first blog post. So inspired by the tribe of women just like me who are battling the same challenges, craving the same balance I do. And so inspired by this world of female bloggers who are so incredibly intelligent and strong.

You know what I am not inspired by? Organizing my house. I am inspired by the idea of it, but definitely not the action of it. After working all week, then attempting to squeeze in the rest of my life into the 48 hours the weekend offers, the idea of taking on an organizing project feels cruel and unfair. I would much rather spend my time with my children, husband, and have some well deserved fun. The only “un-fun” stuff I have time for is what I need to survive the upcoming week, such as laundry and grocery shopping. If I sign up for an organizing project, then I have also signed up to give my precious weekend away.

However, back to my golden Sunday rules (check out my first blog post for more on this), it is important to do that thing that has been driving you crazy because if it is driving you crazy, then it is causing you stress, and if you are stressed, then everyone around you absorbs that stress, and then the good things in life start to become clouded. Although family time and relaxation are top priority on the weekends, self care and eliminating stressors need to be prioritized as well.  My goal is to make fun of organization by staring organization into it’s annoying, time consuming, and boring face, stick my tongue out, and say “nice try asshole, but I can make this fun!”

I recently stumbled upon a fabulous blog, Color Made Happy, where Sam is an absolute superhero in terms of bringing color and joy to life. I was immediately inspired by her fruit mason jars, and instantly thought of my 4 year old daughter’s art table (aka the table to pile crap on) that has been DRIVING ME CRAZY, and the need to reorganize it has been looming over me for months, but the idea of giving up part of my weekend to fix it just has not been in the cards. However, these fruit mason jars allowed me to make fun of organization. I got to eliminate a stressor in my life while simultaneously spending time with my daughter, who had a total blast (as did I!) helping me.

Check out the before and after (please do not judge me on the before, I am a tired mom, ok?!?). For step by step instructions, please check out Color Made Happy’s tutorial here.





By making fun of organization, I was able to simultaneously check so many boxes, while never truly feeling like I was choosing a boring adult task over my sacred weekend time.  This twist on organization is not limited to a 4 year old’s art table. The possibilities are endless. As it is not about what you do, but instead, it is HOW you do it. Running through the sprinklers while pulling weeds? Freeze dance while cleaning up toys? Make it fun, get the family involved, and remember to never take anything too seriously, no matter what.

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