Sunday: Doing Nothing While Getting Shit Done

What I like to refer to as the heart of the week is Sunday. This day simultaneously sets the stage for the week to come, while also putting an official close to the week that past; the make or break day. You see, being a mom, wife, and working full time means my life is basically a constant shit show. So I NEED Sundays to keep things halfway manageable. For me, if I have a great Sunday, I magically forget how my 40 minute commute on Tuesday turned into 2 hours due to a stalled car, or the epic toddler meltdown over running out of peach yogurt (even though we had strawberry) that made me late to an important meeting, or the fact I am on day 6 of not washing my hair. If I have a bad Sunday, that wonderful dinner with the silly laughs on Wednesday seems like a distant memory, and I feel completely overwhelmed for the upcoming week.

So what determines a great Sunday? Of course lounging poolside with a glass of sauv blanc sounds pretty amazing, BUT that does not make for a great Sunday (that is what Saturdays are for). To me, a great Sunday is when I can take in the final breath of stillness of the weekend while also being totally ready to take on the new week. After much trial and error, I feel like I have cracked the code, with a perfect balance of doing absolutely nothing, while getting shit done. Below are my MUSTS for Sundays because frankly without it, I would have lost my sanity long ago.

  • Make dinner. I mean REALLY make dinner. No pasta with jarred sauce (save that trusty go-to for your weekday arsenal). Instead make something with love, or that recipe you have been dying to try, and most importantly, make something that has great leftovers so you can ease into the week without having to worry about what’s for dinner.


  • Do that thing that has been driving you crazy. Has that crusty glob of toothpaste your toddler dropped on the floor 5 days ago been driving you insane, yet everytime you look at it, you are already 10 minutes late and do not have time to scrub it off?


  • Be home by 3pm. This one might sound crazy, but anytime I do not follow this, I regret it every single time. I am not saying you need to stay cooped up at home every Sunday, although I totally live for those days, but try and do your outings early because when you get home late on a Sunday, that is when things start to go to shit.


  • Do something for yourself, and only yourself. This is so important, and one of the easiest ones to “not get around to,” but you need to make a point. You worked hard all week, and chances are you worked just as hard over the weekend, if not harder, being a mom, wife, and adult. You need to find a moment for you, and only yourself. Go to Target alone, book a facial, or make a point to wake up before everyone and have a cup of coffee in the backyard. Whatever gives you that sense of calm. Self care is so incredibly important, yet always seems to be low on most women’s priority list. Mom life is so chaotic, but even 30 minutes away can make all of the difference in the world.


  • Savor the moment, because you can. This is one of my favorites and I always look forward to it. During the week it is usually impossible to slow down and just be present. So on Sundays when my 4 year old asks me to play Candyland 4 times in row, you bet I will say yes every single time. Life is so short, and you need to savor these moments without a worry of what’s next.


  • Laundry. This sounds silly, but honestly this one is so important. Having all of your laundry washed and folded (AND put away) is everything. If you do this, then you do not have to stare at that mountain of clean clothes all week that were washed but never folded, sitting on your couch, or that pile of dirty clothes spilling over your hamper, reminding you that you have a million loads of laundry to do the next time you have a spare moment. I promise you, if you have your laundry 100% done every Sunday, you will feel lighter, and at peace with your life and the world. You think I am joking, but I really am not. I usually start on Friday so I can break it up a bit.

I know this list may feel daunting at first, like there is way too much thought and steps to just live out a regular day of the week, however, for me, this has become second nature, and what keeps my sanity in check. Of course there are exceptions, and there are plenty of Sundays where I cannot check all the boxes, but I will say on these days I can FEEL it, and I can FEEL it for the entirety of the week until the next Sunday. Some sort of magic happens to me when I do get to check all the boxes, and there is nothing better than getting shit done while doing nothing.


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